Отзывы о лагере That`s Mandarin, Шанхай

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  • Можете на русском? Я не понимаю США-ий

    Надя, 10 августа 2018
  • That's Mandarin is a wonderful, modern, friendly and effective school providing a fun way for kids to have a Mandarin Immersion. My son did a 2 week intensive course last year, tailored privately for him and it was a full success. Nico loved his teachers and the way the lessons were structured, their attitude, the materials, the outings, the restaurants they went to together! In short, learning at That's Mandarin has helped him embrace Chinese culture and has made him want to pursue his Mandarin studies. This is why I highly recommend That's Mandarin

    Marisol Masquera, 31 марта 2016
  • They enjoyed that having conversations in Chinese and teachers always encourage them to speak the language as well as the Chinese characters. They are also encouraged to write down words that they did not know before. It is a very good and flexible program. It enables us to choose to do it half a day or a full day and we could even to choose to take more weeks. Every staff here is very friendly and helpful.

    Nida Dingli, 31 марта 2016
  • I thought that the activities were fun and planned well. I enjoyed going on the field trips (Museum and Pottery) because it was cultural, enjoyable and interactive. I came to Shanghai to meet my mother and thought I should improve my Chinese whilst being there. I had a choice of other programs/summer camps but this stood out because of the selection of activities. I think that all of the staff are extremely friendly and thoughtful. They teach very well and keep the class fun and challenging. They treat everyone as if we were their friends.

    Samantha Leung, 31 марта 2016